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Welcome at LIA - Laboratory of Advanced Research on Computer Science

A number of research activities are conducted at LIA, concerning many research topics in Computer Science. Please find below a list of research fields and groups where people at LIA is actively doing research.

Mobile Middleware Research Group
Our main research activities are centered on the study and development of support solutions for a broad range of scenarios in the context of mobile networking and distributed services in general. By building middleware level solutions, we aim at providing some important building blocks to be used for the creation of next generation applications and services in the following main areas:
Artificial Intelligence Research Group
Main research activities are related with the fied of Artificial Intelligence, and in particular on Computational Logic and Prolog, on Planning and Optimization, and on Constraint (Logic) Programming.
We are successfully applying declarative techniques to many resasearch and industrial application fields, such as Computational Sustainability, Embedded System Design, Multi Agent Systems, Service Oriented Architectures, Business Process Management and Process Mining, Cloud Computing, and Healthcare Careflow Systems.
Programming Languages and Software Engineering
Research activities in the programming language area spread over different paradigms, from logic-based to object-oriented and agent-oriented paradigms and languages, and are particularly focused on the integration and blend of different languages and paradigms in a multi-paradigm programming perspective. The research covers both the conceptual and scientific foundations, with special regard to the methodological aspects, and the corresponding infrastructures and tools, so as to support the construction of complex software systems througout their development cycle.

News and updates

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