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I work at DISI, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Bologna, as an Associate Professor. My main research interests are:

bullet artificial intelligence

argumentation mining, formal argumentation, dialogue, and online debate

autonomous agents and multi-agent systems

computational logics, (abductive) logic programming, hypothetical and temporal reasoning

social aspects of multi-agent systems, normative reasoning and agent communication

bullet interaction protocols, open systems, declarative specifications and verification

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Short curriculum vitae


2002: PhD (Dottorato di Ricerca) in Electronic and Computer Science Engineering at DEIS: "Reasoning and interaction in logic-based multi-agent systems". Supervisors: Prof. M. Boari and Prof. P. Mello

1998: MEng (Diploma di Laurea) in Computer Science Engineering: "Contract Net Protocol per la pianificazione in sistemi robotici". Supervisors: Prof. D. Maio and Prof. S. Rizzi

Stays abroad ( more than 4 weeks )

2003: 2 months at the University of Uppsala, Department of Information Science, as an academic visitor

2002: 3 months at Imperial College, Department of Computing, within the SOCS project, as an academic visitor

2000-2001: 6 months at Imperial College, Department of Computing, as an occasional PhD student

1995-1996: 1 year at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Istituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, as an Erasmus student (undergraduate student).

Schools attended

2002: CP-AI-OR school on Optimization, Le Croisic.

2000: International School on Computational Logics, Maratea.

1999: First European Agent Systems Summer School, Utrecht.

Invited talks and tutorials

bullet 2015: Context-independent argument mining. Invited talk together with Marco Lippi at CMNA, Bertinoro, Italy, Oct 2015.

bullet 2014: Micro-dibattiti: come analizzare la comunicazione su Twitter e Facebook. Invited talk together with Simone Gabbriellini at Internet Festival 2014, Pisa, Italy, October 2014.

bullet 2014: Abstract argumentation and social networks. Invited talk at Arguing on the Web 2.0, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 2014.

bullet 2010: Declarative technologies for open agent systems and beyond. Invited talk at KES-AMSTA, Gdynia, Poland, June 2010.

bullet 2004: Introduzione ai sistemi multi-agente basati su logica computazionale. Tutorial at the 19th Annual Meeting of the Italian Association of Researchers and Users of Logic Programming, "Associazione Italiana Gruppo Ricercatori e Utenti di Logic Programming" (GULP), Parma, June 16, 2004.

2003: An Introduction to Logic-Based Multi-Agent Systems. Tutorial at the 8th Italian Congress on Artificial Intelligence, AI*IA, Pisa, September 23, 2003.

Current and past activities

Editorial activity:

Fundamenta Informaticae, an international journal reporting on the mathematical foundations of computer science, published as Series IV in the Annals of Polish Mathematical Society (PTM). Fundamenta Informaticae is published in both printed and electronic form by IOS Press, under the auspices of European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS).

ALP Newsletter, the Newsletter of the Association of Logic Programming. Applications of Logic Programming Area Editor, together with Marco Gavanelli.

Journal of Unmanned System Technology (JUST), member of the Editorial Board. JUST is the second official journal of ISIUS the International Society of Intelligent Unmanned Systems. It is an open-access online journal delivered on a responsive web template.

Conference Papers in Computer Science, member of the Editorial Board until December 2015. Conference Papers in Computer Science was part of the Hindawi's Conference Papers in Science series of open access journals designed to provide a fast peer review process.

ISRN Software Engineering, member of the Editorial Board, until December 2013.

Faculty Committees:

Doctorate School in ICT and Law (Diritto e Nuove Tecnologie, XXIX Ciclo), University of Bologna. Member of the Faculty committee (since 2013).

International Master Degree in Automation Engineering, University of Bologna and Tongji University of Shanghai. Member of the Faculty committee (since 2013).

Bachelor/Master Degree in Architecture and Building Engineering, University of Bologna. Member of the Faculty committee (2009-2012).

Bachelor Degree in Telecommunication Engineering, University of Bologna. Member of the Faculty committee (2006-2008).

Bachelor Degree in Automation Engineering, University of Bologna. Member of the Faculty committee (2005-2006, 2008-2009).

Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering, University of Bologna. Member of the Faculty committee (2005-2008).

Steering Committees:

GULP - Gruppo Ricercatori e Utenti di Logic Programming [GULP members]. Member of the Executive Board (2003-2012), and Secretary (12/2005-12/2012).

CLIMA, the International Workshop on Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems. Member of the Steering Committee (11/ 2002-02/2012).

DALT, the International Workshop on Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies. Co-founder and member of the Steering Committee (11/2002-02/2012).

CISWN, the International Workshop on Collective Intelligence in Semantic Web and Social Networks. Member of the Steering Committee (2008).

Chairing and Organizing Committees:

PRIMA, the International Conference on Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems. Programme Co-Chair of PRIMA 2015, together with Qingliang Chen and Serena Villata.

AAMAS, the International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems. Demo co-chair for AAMAS 2015, together with Karl Tuyls. Member of the local organization committee of AAMAS 2002.

ECAI, the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Tutorial co-chair for ECAI 2014, together with A. Dovier.

Argumentation Technologies, a Special Session of the CLIMA International Workshop on Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems. Session co-chair for CLIMA XIV, in 2013, together with S. Woltran.

ISCL, the International ALP/GULP Spring School on Computational Logic. Co-organizer of ISCL 2011, together with M. Gabbrielli.

DALT School, the International Spring School on Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies. Co-organizer of the DALT School, in 2011, together with A. Omicini.

LADS, the International Workshop on Languages and Development Tools for Multi-Agent Systems. Co-chair of LADS'007 and LADS'009, together with M. Dastani, A. El Fallah Segrouchni, and J. Leite.

CLIMA, the International Workshop on Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems. Co-chair of CLIMA V, in 2004, together with J. Leite, CLIMA VI, in 2005, with F. Toni, and CLIMA XII, in 2011, with J. Leite.

ArgNMR, the International Workshop on Argumentation and Non-Monotonic Reasoning. Co-chair of ArgNMR 2007, together with G. Simari.

DALT, the International Workshop on Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies. Co-chair of DALT 2003, together with J. Leite, A. Omicini, and L. Sterling, DALT 2004, with J. Leite, A. Omicini, and P. Yoluim, and DALT 2005, with M. Baldoni, U. Endriss, and A. Omicini.

Senior Program Committees:

International Conference on Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems: PRIMA 2014 (Gold Coast, Australia, Dec 2014), PRIMA 2013 (Dunedin, New Zealand, Sep 2013), PRIMA 2012 Senior PC (Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, Sep 2012).

International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems: AAMAS 2016 (Singapore, May 2016), AAMAS 2014 (Paris, France, May 2014), AAMAS 2013 (Saint Paul, Minnesota, US, May 2013), AAMAS 2011 (Taipei, Taiwan, May 2011).

Program Committees:

International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence: IJCAI 2015 and Doctoral Consortium (Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jul/Aug 2015), IJCAI 2013 and Doctoral Consortium (Beijing, China, Aug 2013), IJCAI 2011 (Barcelona, Spain, Jul 2011), IJCAI 2009 (Pasadena, CA, US, Jul 2009), IJCAI 2005 (Edinburgh, Scotland, Jul/Aug 2005, reviewer).

AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence: AAAI 2016 (Phoenix, AZ, US, Feb 2016), AAAI 2015 (Austin, TX, US, Jan 2015, reviewer)

European Conference on Artificial Intelligence: ECAI 2006 (Riva del Garda, Italy, Aug/Sep 2006).

International Conference on Behavior, Economic and Socio-Cultural Computing: BESC 2015 (Nanjing, China, Oct/Nov 2015).

Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence: AI 2007 (Gold Coast, Queensland, Dec 2007).

International Conference on Logic Programming: ICLP 2015 (Cork, Ireland, Aug/Sep 2015), ICLP 2013 (Istanbul, Turkey, Aug 2013), ICLP 2008 (Udine, Italy, Dec 2008), ICLP Doctoral Consortium 2006 (Seattle, WA, US, Aug 2006).

International Biennal Conference on Computational Models of Argument: COMMA 2016 (Potsdam, Germany, Sep 2016), COMMA 2014 (Scottish Highlands, Sep 2014), COMMA 2012 (Vienna, Austria, Sep 2012), COMMA 2010 (Desenzano del Garda, Italy, Sep 2010), COMMA 2008 (Toulouse, France, May 2008), COMMA 2006 (Liverpool, UK, Sep 2006).

European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence: JELIA 2006 (Liverpool, UK, Sep 2006), JELIA 2004 (Lisbon, Portugal, Sep 2004).

International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems: AAMAS 2014 Demo Session (Paris, France, May 2014), AAMAS 2010 (Toronto, Canada, May 2010), AAMAS 2009 (Budapest, Hungary, May 2009), AAMAS 2007 (Honolulu, Hawaii, US, May 2007), AAMAS 2006 (Hakodate, Japan, May 2006), AAMAS 2005 (Utrecht, The Netherlands, Jul 2005), AAMAS 2004 (New York, US, Jul 2004), AAMAS 2003 (Melbourne, Australia, Jul 2003).

International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems: PAAMS 2016 (Sevilla, Spain, Jun 2016), PAAMS 2015 (Salamanca, Spain, Jun 2015), PAAMS 2014 (Salamanca, Spain, Jun 2014), PAAMS 2013 (May 2013), PAAMS 2012 (Mar 2012), PAAMS 2011 (Apr 2011), PAAMS 2010 (Apr 2010), PAAMS 2009 (Mar 2009).

International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems: JURIX 2015 (Braga, Portugal, Dec 2015).

Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Thematic Track on Multi-Agent Systems Theory and Applications MASTA@EPIA 2013 (Açores, Portugal, Sep 2013), MASTA@EPIA 2011 (Lisbon, Portugal, Oct 2011).

International Workshop on Languages and Development Tools for Multi-Agent Systems: LADS 010 (Lyon, France, Sep 2010).

International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science: CSCS20-2015 (Bucharest, Romania, May 2015).

IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics: CYBCONF 2015 (Gdynia, Poland, Jun 2015).

International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies: EC-Web 2011 (Toulouse, France, Aug/Sep 2011).

International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies: ANT 2010 (Paris, France, Nov 2010).

International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences: ISCIS 2009 (METU Northern Cyprus Campus, Turkey, Sep 2009).

AAAI 2009 Fall Symposium on The Uses of Computational Argumentation: AAAI F.S. 2009 (Washington D.C., US, Nov 2009).

International Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages: PADL 2010 (Madrid, Spain, Jan 2010).

European Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems: EUMAS 2015 (Athens, Greece, Dec 2015), EUMAS 2014 (Prague, Czech Republic, Dec 2014), EUMAS 2007 (Hammamet, Tunisia, Dec 2007), EUMAS 2004 (Barcelona, Spain, Dec 2004), EUMAS 2003 (Oxford, UK, Sep 2003).

NMR Special Session on Argument, Dialog and Decision: NMR 2010 (Toronto, Canada, May 2010).

IJCAI Workshop on Theory and Applications of Formal Argument: TAFA 2015 (Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jul 2015).

AI*IA Workshop on Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy: ARGAIP 2013 (Torino, Italy, Dec 2013), ARGAIP 2010 (Brescia, Italy, Dec 2010).

JSAI-isAI Workshop on Argument for Agreement and Assurance: AAA 2015 (Kanagawa, Japan, Nov 2015), AAA 2013 (Kanagawa, Japan, Oct 2013).

LPNMR Workshop on Acquisition, Representation and Reasoning with Contextualized Knowledge: ARCOE-LogIC 2014 (Linköping, Sweden, Nov 2014), ARCOE-LogIC 2013 (Corunna, Spain, Sep 2013), formerly LPNMR Workshop on Logic-Based Interpretation of Context: Log-IC 2011 (Vancouver, Canada, May 2011).

ICLP Workshop on Argumentation and Logic Programming: ArgLP 2015 (Cork, Ireland, August 2015).

ICLP Workshop on Logic Programming and Multi-Agent Systems: LPMAS 2011 (Lexington, Kentucky, USA, Jul 2011).

ICLP Workshop on Answer Set Programming and Other Computing Paradigms: ASPOCP 2010 (Edinburgh, UK, Jul 2010).

International Workshop on Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems: CLIMA XV @ ECAI 2014 (Prague, Czech Republic, Aug 2014), CLIMA XI @ ECAI 2010 (Lisbon, Portugal, Aug 2010), CLIMA VIII @ ICLP 2007 (Porto, Portugal, Sep 2007), CLIMA VII @ AAMAS 2006 (Hakodate, Japan, May 2006), CLIMA VI 2005 (London, UK, Jun 2005), CLIMA V @ JELIA 2004 (Lisbon, Portugal, Sep 2004), CLIMA IV @ LPNMR and AI-Math (Fort Lauderdale, FL, Jan 2004), CLIMA 2002 @ FLoC (Copenhagen, Denmark, Aug 2002).

International Workshop on Computational Models of Natural Argument: CMNA 2014 (Cracow, Poland, Oct 2014).

AAMAS Workshop on Multiagent Foundations of Social Computing: MFSC 2015, SC-AAMAS 2014.

AAMAS Workshop on Engineering Multi-Agent Systems: EMAS 2015, EMAS 2014, EMAS 2013.

AAMAS Workshop on Programming Multi-Agent Systems: ProMAS 2011, ProMAS 2010, ProMAS 2009, ProMAS 2008, ProMAS 2007, ProMAS 2006, ProMAS 2005, ProMAS 2004.

AAMAS Workshop on Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems: ArgMAS 2015, ArgMAS 2014, ArgMAS 2013, ArgMAS 2012, ArgMAS 2011, ArgMAS 2010, ArgMAS 2009, ArgMAS 2008, ArgMAS 2007, ArgMAS 2006, ArgMAS 2005, ArgMAS 2004.

International Workshop on Agent Technology for Ambient Intelligence, in conjunction with CSCS: AgTAmI 2013 (Bucharest, Romania, May 2013).

AAMAS Workshop on Agent Communication: AC 2010.

International Workshop on Coordination, Organization, Institutions and Norms in Multi-Agent Systems: COIN@PRIMA2013, COIN@MALLOW2010.

International Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems Technology and Semantics: MASTS 2009 (Bucharest, Romania, May 2009).

International Workshop on Multi-agent based Applications for Smart Grids and Sustainable Energy Systems: MASGES 2014 (Salamanca, Spain, Jun 2014).

International Workshop on Intelligent Agent Technology, Power Systems and Energy Markets: IATEM 2014 (Munich, Germany, Sep 2014), IATEM 2013 (Prague, Czech Republic, Aug 2013), IATEM 2012 (Vienna, Austria, Sep 2012).

International Workshop on Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms for Solving Problems with Combinatorial Explosion: RCRA 2014 (Vienna, Austria, Jul 2014), RCRA 2010 (Bologna, Italy, Jun 2010).

AI*IA Symposium on Artificial Intelligence: AI*IA Doctoral Consortium 2010 (Brescia, Italy, Dec 2010).

CAiSE/WISE Workshop on Governance, Risk and Compliance in Information Systems: GRCIS @ CAiSE 2010 (Hammamet, Tunisia, Jun 2010), GRCIS @ CAiSE 2009 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Jun 2009), GRCIS @ CAiSE 2008 (Montpellier, France, Jun 2008), GRCWIS @ WISE 2007 (Nancy, France, Dec 2007).

International Workshop on Agent Based Computing: ABC:MI 2014 (Warszawa, Poland, Sep 2014), ABC:MI 2013 @ MATES+JAWS (Koblenz, Germany, Sep 2013), ABC:MI 2012 (Wroclaw, Poland, Sep 2012), ABC:MI 2011 (Szczecin, Poland, Sep 2011), ABC:MI 2010 (Wisla, Poland, Oct 2010), ABC:MI 2009 (Patras, Greece, Aug 2009), ABC V 2008 (Wisla, Poland, Oct 2008), ABC IV 2007 (Wisla, Poland, Oct 2007).

AAMAS Workshop on Agent-Based Ubiquitous Computing: ABUC @ AAMAS 2007.

CANADIAN AI Workshop on Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, from Theory to Application: AMTA 2006 (Québec City, Québec, Canada, Jun 2006).

International Workshop on Conceptual Modelling for Agents: CoMoA 2004 (Shangai, China, Nov 2004).

WET ICE'00, IEEE Ninth International Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises. Maryland, USA, June 14-16, 2000.

Convegno Italiano di Logica Computazionale: CILC 2014 (Torino, Jun 2014), CILC 2013 (Catania, Sep 2013), CILC 2012 (Roma, Jun 2012), CILC 2010 (Rende, Jun 2010), CILC 2006 (Bari, Jun 2006), CILC 2005 (Roma, Jun 2005).

Workshop dagli Oggetti agli Agenti: WOA 2006 (Catania, Sep 2006).

Gruppo di lavoro dell'AI*IA su Rappresentazione della Conoscenza e Ragionamento Automatico: RCRA'05 (Ferrara, Jun 2005).

Peer Reviews:

PhD/MSc Thesis (opponent): Elisa Marengo (2012, University of Turin), Iara Almeida (PhD 2011, University of Evora), Joao Martins (MSc 2010, New University of Lisbon), Benjamin Hirsch (PhD 2005, University of Liverpool).

Proposal reviewer: EU FP7 ICT STREP, Swiss National Science Foundation SER COST, Luxembourg National Research Fund FNR INTER, Chile's Superior Council of the National Fund for Scientific & Technological Development (FONDECYT), University of Verona. 

Journal reviewer: Artificial Intelligence, ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Data and Knowledge Engineering, Journal of Intelligent Systems, Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Argument and Computation, Journal of Logic and Computation, Fundamenta Informaticae, Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, IEEE Intelligent Systems, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Progress in Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Review.

Book chapter reviewer: Essays in Honour of Marek Sergot (LNCS 7360, Springer 2012), A 25-Year Perspective on Logic Programming (LNCS 6125, Springer 2010), Handbook of Research on Multi-Agent Systems: Semantics and Dynamics of Organizational Models (IGI Global 2009).

Conference reviewer: ICTCS 2014, AI*IA 2013, ESWC PhD Symposium'13, ICLP'12, AIME'11, DALT'11, JELIA'10, ICLP'09, AIME'09, Didamatica'08, Didamatica'07, AICA'06, MICAI'05, IEA-AIE'05, ECAI'04, ICLP'04, ICTCS'03, SAC'03, ICLP'03, AI*IA'03, ICLP'02, AAMAS'02, AI*IA'01, MAAMAW'01, SAC'00, ESAW'00, AGP'00


In 2015, by decree of the Rector of the University of Bologna, Prof. Ivano Dionigi, I was appointed associate professor (professore di II fascia) in the information processing systems discipline (ING-INF/05).

bullet In 2008, my tenureship (conferma in ruolo) was approved by the national evaluation committee for ING-INF/05.

bullet In 2007, I have been appointed Senior Lecturer at the University of Uppsala, Sweden.

bullet In 2004, by decree of the Rector of the University of Bologna, Prof. Pier Ugo Calzolari, I was appointed assistant professor (ricercatore) in the information processing systems discipline (S.S.D. ING-INF/05, "Sistemi di elaborazione delle informazioni").


2002-2005: post-doc fellowship (assegno di ricerca) by the University of Bologna and the Europear Union: "Un modello logico computazionale per la descrizione, analisi e verifica di società  aperte e globali di agenti logici eterogenei". Tutor: Prof. M. Boari

2001-2002: post-doc fellowship (assegno di ricerca) by the University of Bologna: "Realizzazione di architetture multi-agente per la pianificazione in sistemi distribuiti". Tutor: Prof. P. Mello

1998-2001: PhD scholarship (borsa di dottorato) in Computer Science Engineering by the University of Bologna (DEIS, Corso di dottorato in Ingegneria Elettronica ed Informatica, XIV ciclo): "Agenti intelligenti: interazione e acquisizione di conoscenza". Supervisors: Tutor: Prof. M. Boari

Current and past projects

2011-2014: FP7 EU STREP ePolicy project on "Engineering the policy-making life cycle," coordinator M. Milano.

2006-2009: FIRB National TOCAI.IT project on "Knowledge-oriented technologies for enterprise aggregation in Internet", coordinator M. Lenzerini.

2006-2007: PRIN National project on "Specification and verification of agent interaction protocols", coordinator A. Martelli.

2004-2005: MIUR 40% National project on "Development and verification of logic-based multi-agent systems", coordinator A. Martelli.

2002-2004: 5FP EU STREP IST-FET SOCS project on "Societies of computees: a computational logical model for the description, analysis and verification of global and open societies of heterogeneous computees", coordinator F. Toni.

1998-2000: MURST 40% project on "Agenti Intelligenti: Interazione e Acquisizione di conoscenza" (Intelligent Agents: Interaction and Knowledge Acquisition), coordinator F. Turini.

1996-1998: MURST 40% project on "Rappresentazione della conoscenza e meccanismi di ragionamento", coordinator A. Martelli.

Prizes and awards

2013: nomination for the best SPC award for PRIMA 2013.

2011: best of DALT 2003-2010 with paper "Social commitments in time: satisfied or compensated" [retrospective]

2010: AT2AI best paper award with paper "Monitoring time-aware social commitments with Reactive Event Calculus"

bullet 2001: ATAL best paper award with paper "Dialogues for negotiation: agent varieties and dialogue sequences"

Teaching activity

2005-present: Lecturer of various Computer Science Fundamentals and Operating Systems courses (Faculty of Engeneering, Bologna)

2004-2005: Tutor of Lab of Computer Science Fundamentals

1999-2004: Tutor of Operating Systems

1999-2000: Tutor of Computer Science Fundamentals

Modern language skills

Italian: native speaker.

English, Portuguese, and Turkish: fluent.

French, German, and Spanish: working knowledge.


Dr. Paolo Torroni
Dipartimento di Informatica: Scienza e Ingegneria (DISI)
Artificial Intelligence Group
University of Bologna
Viale del Risorgimento, 2
40136 BOLOGNA, Italy
office: +39 051 209 3767
fax: +39 051 209 3869





Paolo Torroni's Home Page


Paolo Torroni's Home Page

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Paolo Torroni's Home Page

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