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Some personal links:

The Nascapi group: I am a member with the nick "chesio".

Sottosoglio: one of the places I loved more in my life... thank you Marcello!

Sottosoglio, during the winter and in the autumn...

Practising some sport (basket, volley, and other) at Corticella: the web site of the PGS Corticella - Bologna.



Personal opinions about books I have read...

One of my bigger passions is reading books... I have no specific preparation on literature and poetry... so please consider the following opinions as they are: confused thoughts about my readings, that I'd like to share with whoever is interested in.

October 5, 2004: Edward Whymper, La salita del Cervino, I Licheni, Vivalda Editore. Italian version. A nice book, although sometimes a little bit slow... anyway, a must of the mountain literature.

October 14, 2004: Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code. English version. I have started to read it on suggestion of my friend Luca Rampoldi, and till now (page 105) he has been quite right: nice and intriguing, it reminds me a lot the "Il pendolo di Focault", Umberto Eco.

October 17, 2004: I have finished The Da Vinci Code. Nice book, but it is not so original as the Il pendolo di Focault was in that years. Anyway, I suggest it worhting the money and the time spent to read it.




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