About me

I am currently a Ph. D. Student at DEIS, Università di Bologna. I am working on a project funded by the EU (SOCS), about logic based multi-agent systems. My research interestes are:

autonomous agents and multi-agent systems

computational logics, logic programming, abduction

social aspects of multi-agent systems and semantics of agent communication

interaction protocols definition languages, properties of such languages

Recommendation Systems

My personal interests, other than research, are music, mountain (summer and winter), scuba diving and reading.


Short curriclum vitae

Personal Information

Name and Surname: Federico Chesani

Date and place of birth: 6 June 1975, Bologna, Italy

Current position: Ph. D. Student at DEIS, Università degli Studi di Bologna

Place of residence: Bologna, Italy

Citizenship: Italian

Civil status: single


2002: MEng (Diploma di Laurea) in Computer Science Engineering: "Un Sistema che Integra Tecniche Basate sul Contenuto e sulla Collaborazione fra Utenti per la Generazione Automatica di Suggerimenti nellAccesso allInformazione". Supervisors: Prof. P. Mello and Dr. Y. Faihe

Stays abroad ( more than 4 weeks )

2001-2002: 10 months at Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, as a graduating student


Schools attended

2004: BISS2004, Bertinoro, Italy.



2004-2006: PhD scholarship (borsa di dottorato) in Computer Science Engineering by the University of Bologna (DEIS, Corso di dottorato in Ingegneria Elettronica ed Informatica, XVIII ciclo): " Formalizzazione ed esecuzione di protocolli di interazione ". Supervisors: Prof. P. Mello, Ing. P. Torroni.

Current and past projects

2004-2005: MIUR 40% project on "Sviluppo e verifica di sistemi nulti-agente basati sulla logica", coordinator A. Martelli.

2002-2004: SOCS project, funded by EU, IST, 5th framework programme, on "Societies Of ComputeeS: a computational logical model for the description, analysis and verification of global and open societies of heterogeneous computees", coordinator F. Toni.


Teaching activity

academic year 2003-2004: Fondamenti di Intelligenza Artificiale, prof. P. Mello, as a teaching assistant

academic year 2003-2004: Fondamenti di Informatica LA, prof. P. Mello and prof. P. Bellavista, as a tutor

academic year 2002-2003: Fondamenti di Informatica LA, prof. M. Milano, as a tutor

Modern language skills

Italian, native speaker.

English, fluent.


Ing. Federico Chesani
Dipartimento di Informatica, Elettronica e Sistemistica
Laboratorio di Informatica Avanzata
Università di Bologna
V.le Risorgimento, 2
40136 BOLOGNA, Italy
office: +39 051 209 3086
FAX: +39 051 209 3073

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