Paolo Torroni

Associate Professor

DISI, Universitą di Bologna 





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Contact information:

Dr. Paolo Torroni
Dipartimento di Informatica: Scienza e Ingegneria (DISI)
Artificial Intelligence Group
Universitą di Bologna
V.le Risorgimento, 2
40136 BOLOGNA, Italy
GPS: 11°19.7620'E, 44°29.2440'N
office: +39 051 209 3767
fax: +39 051 209 9353



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Office time: by appointment only (email)

ACM Transactions on Internet Technology will host a special section on Argumentation in Social Media [call for papers]. Deadline: 15 January 2016
NEWS: FUNDAMENTA INFORMATICAE will host a special issue on Argumentation and Logic Programming [call for papers]. Deadline: 11 December 2015




Paolo Torroni's Home Page


Paolo Torroni's Home Page

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Paolo Torroni's Home Page

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