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About me
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Research Activity

I am a Ph.D Student in Computer Engineering in the Electronics, Computer Science and Systems department (DEIS — Dipartimento di Elettronica Informatica e Sistemistica) at the University of Bologna. I work in the field of Distributed Systems and Computer Networks.

My research is focused on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), with a particular interest on architecture design, hybrid routing, and WSNs integration in enterprise networks.

My current research includes:

  • fast/secure/reliable data collection;
  • WSN management;
  • heterogeneous wireless communications;
  • heterogeneous networks integration.

When I'm not working on sensor nodes and wireless protocols, I like to tinker with other stuff:

  • computer security;
  • distributed middlewares for enterprise architectures;
  • cryptography applications.

Past and current research projects include:

  • The WANDA middleware — (WSN ApplicatioN Development Aider) is a WSN integration middleware that covers many aspects like etherogeneous WSN management, service integration, QoS guarantees and data caching.