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Antonio Corradi, born in Baricella (Italy) in 1954, received his Laurea degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bologna in 1979.
His thesis was awarded with the 'Cavalieri del Lavoro' prize in 1980. Afterwards, he obtained the Master of Engineering, Electrical, at the Cornell University in 1981, with a Fulbright-Hayes grant.
In March 1983, Antonio has joined the University of Bologna as a Research associate, and, from October 1992, as an Associate Professor of Computer Science in Engineering. His activity has been within the Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer and System Science (DEIS), since DEIS foundation in 1984.
In January 2000, Antonio became Full Professor of 'Sistemi di Elaborazione delle Informazioni' (ING-INF/05) within the Engineering School at the University of Bologna.

Antonio Corradi has always taught within the general area of Distributed Systems and System Support and Middleware Infrastructures, both with several courses at different levels of Laurea (first three years of Engineering Degree and successive Biennial ‘Specialistica’ Degree) and also within Masters with Interdisciplinary Curricula, and also with activity of curricula design and preparation of new courses and contents.
He also tutors many students in their final preparation of Thesis work and also coordinate PhD activities in several technical and interdisciplinary areas.

His scientific activity has investigated all the aspects of support systems to grant services and different requirements applications and is documented in two hundreds papers and communications published in magazines and journals and presented in international and national conferences. In particular, some of the current interests are within the following research areas:
· Operating Systems, Concurrent Systems, and Parallel Computing
· Computer Networks, and Distributed Parallel Systems
· Middleware to support Mobile Agent Systems and Service provisioning
· Design and deployment of distributed services with differentiated quality and access
· Infrastructures for secure services in global and open environments
· Middleware to support mobility for users, terminals and resources
· Models and technologies for dynamic support in ad-hoc network scenarios
· Services and tools for high accessibility in mobile and heterogeneous systems.

Within his scientific areas of interest, he has taken part to several research projects funded by Italian Organizations, such as Research Ministry, CNR, and International ones, such as ESPRIT projects funded by European Community.
Some current projects are:
-MIUR Negotiated Project FIRB, Strategic Program Enabling Technologies for the Information Society - Objective 2: Networks and Net-computing, "TOCAI: Knowledge-oriented Technologies for Internet-based Enterprise Aggregation", Coordinator Prof. Lenzerini (2006-2008).
MIUR Project “MOMA: soluzioni middleware per servizi web multiMOdali in MobilitA'”, Project within programma di Ricerca di Rilevante Interesse nazionale (PRIN 2005), Coordinator Prof. Marco Rocchetti, Local Coordinator (2005-2007)..
- MIUR Negotiated Project FIRB, Strategic Program Enabling Technologies for the Information Society - Objective 2: Networks and Net-computing, "WEB-MINDS: Middleware for Advanced Services over Large-Scale Wired-Wireless System", Coordinator Prof. Giovanni Chiola (2003-2006).
- CNR Strategic Project, Funding Area: Enabling Software Platforms for Complex Distributed Objects, "IS-MANET: Middleware for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks and their Applications", Coordinator Prof. Carlo Ghezzi (2003-2005).
- Progetto Piano Telematico Emilia Romagna,"Project, Development and Deployment of a Middleware to support Mobile and Multimodal Services", Bando on Research and Development toward the Information Society, Iniziativa 1.1 (2004-2006).
- Progetto Ricerca Fondamentale Orientata (ex-quota 60%): "Middleware for Multimedial Services for Pervasive Access" (2003-2004) e "Middleware for Entertainment Services for Highly Dynamic Wireless Systems" (2004-2005), responsible Prof. Antonio Corradi, Bologna University.

External Activities
Antonio also acts as a reviewer for several forums, both international magazines/journals (IEEE, ACM, Elsevier) and conferences (IEEE, ACM), and has participated in several technical committees, both in magazines/journals and in the organization of several conferences and workshops. Since 2005 he is part of steering committee of ‘ISCC, IEEE International Symposium on Computers and Communications’.
Antonio is member of IEEE, ACM and AICA.
He is also one of the founders (President from its establishment to 2000) of the TABOO, Association for the diffusion of the Object-Oriented Technologies in Italy, and still promoting events for the spreading of new technologies and to enhance contacts and divulgation of them towards local industries.
Antonio is deeply involved in Institutional duties, within his Faculty, Department, and University: since January 2002, he serves as the Head of the CCIB, Computer Services Centre of the Engineering School; since April 2003 has been nominated as Chairman of the CINI Bologna University Section (Italian Interuniversity Consortium for Computer Science and Engineering).

Intramoenia Activities
Within Engineering, Antonio has contributed with many projects at different levels, such as the promotion of Web Services for the Engineering Students, the design of a wireless infrastructure to provide ubiquitous services to students and staff within the Engineering Campus, the provisioning of novel teaching services via e-learning tools “E-learning within Engineering” (2003/2005).
As a Chair of the CCIB, has also taken care of the design and realization of several different new laboratories areas, and also plays an active role in several technical committees within the Bologna University.
In addition, he has participated and coordinated several project promoted by local organizations with industrial funding. His activity span from collaboration with students that work toward their thesis and with stage periods within industries to common projects in areas of industries technical interests (such as Distributed Systems Security, Management of internet and intranet network, New infrastructures for the integration of Web Services), and also with specific industrial grants (such as the following ones: ‘Mobile Agents Middleware for service deployment to wireless heterogeneous devices’, Jakala, and ‘BPM and Flow Systems’, OTConsulting, 'Analysis for the validation of the Coflight Project', ENAV – Sicta, 'Project and Evaluation of an Integrated Middleware for Provisioning of Nautical Integrated ansd Pervasive Services', Zefiro Consortium).

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